Signs and wonders

I know I go on a lot about funny signs. This one amused me today. We know what is intended but I can think of at least four other interpretations. Any offers?

The wonders were all around us in the shape of the river Nile’s birds, fish and lizards many of which are brightly coloured and quite unafraid of people. The river flows gently out of Lake Victoria and starts its long journey to Cairo.

If I throw in a leaf, it will arrive in the Mediterranean in about three months time.

We have the next team with us now, the last team of the season. We are in Jinja, on the Nile, for the night, before arriving at Kumi tomorrow. Jinja is the last bit of normality before we head into the bush country.

In two weeks the team will re-emerge into the world they recognise; some will be changed by their experiences in rural Africa, let’s hope it is a great experience for them.

Tonight is also the last of the WiFi!

Thanks for reading.

Roger, with cicadas, a cat & lots of mossie bites (why are cats immune?)


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