Good hunting

The hunting expedition was successful. I now have a new heavy duty printer for Kumi Bazaar School. It took two hours to get into Kampala city centre through almost stationary traffic but the shop was kind, gave me a 20% discount and I now have this shiny new printer in a plastic bag inside a big box.

It seems a shame to open the bag. Never again will the machine be free of dust. This red laterite dust gets everywhere and, in the fullness of time, will prove to be the death of the printer. But only after many years, we hope.

Taking this printer into school will be the equivalent of landing the international space station in Buxton High Street. Yes, people have heard of it, seen pictures of it, know what it is for but will have never seen one before and have no clue how to operate it. I will be doing some training I guess.

I still cannot quite get my head round that this is the first time that this school of over 1000 kids can do its own printing, copying and scanning. Teachers will no longer have to write out the same things hundreds of times.

Signs seen on the way today:

“God made me black”- this was hand written on a piece of board next to a roundabout. No clues as to why or who.

“No one like me” on the back of a bus.

Also on a bus “survaviour” this a combination of “saviour” and “survivor”

And finally “protect your marriage – get tested together” this part of the HIV /Aids awareness programme.

Tomorrow, I think, is my first day off in a month. I wonder what I will do?

Roger with cicadas at Banana Village


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