Yes, we have bananas

So, my amazing team has gone home. I took them back to the airport two days ago and now I wait for the next team to arrive.

This means a week’s stay at Banana Village near the airport. Described as an “eco retreat” it is on the shore of Lake Victoria and despite being in a land of bananas the only ones to be seen in the beautiful garden are on a concrete sculpture.

And in the dining room, of course, but carefully guarded against the wild monkeys outside who will climb in and steal them.

In between writing reports I venture out to do shopping, exchange team money and generally be domestic.

I visited Imperial Mall, a multi million dollar investment where a year after it opened only six of its units have been let and approx 50 remain unoccupied. It felt like a ghost town on many levels.

Seen on a removals van “I take everything” and on an ancient overloaded truck “I have a dream” If I was the vehicle’s owner I know what my dream would be.

I enjoyed the sign “Glorious Construction Borehole Drillers” on a battered office building. It was the opposite of the way a glorious construction might be.

Yes, signs are often old, inaccurate, wrong and funny. I also enjoyed “one thousand reasons to thank my God. Watch Out ! Hygenic” but I cannot guess the meaning of the last three words. Answers please on a postcard etc etc.

Have you seen a roof rack on a motor bike? Here we have a few, usually in transit. And sometimes piled high with fruit.

More nonsense to come.



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