Entry and Exit

It has been a busy week. We have a great team of volunteers here from the UK. They have got stuck in, laughed, cried, and built walls and made contacts with local people.

The weather has changed. When I arrived it was pleasant, wet and warm. Now it is hot, dry and uncomfortable. I still have no fan (last year’s readers will remember the saga – it continues)

It is 8 pm. Outside it is 29 degrees and in my room it is 35. Today I stood in the street at midday in bright sunshine and could not find my shadow. It was directly below me because the sun was directly above – me. That’s the problem with the equator – not enough shade.

But it is all fine and we are all well.

Seen over a door at a pharmacy: “Entry and Exit”As there were no other doors, this was unsurprising. But why the sign ?

And a doctors sign read ” Doctors Joint Medical Centre” There are many possible meanings for this, please can I have your suggestions.

Thanks for following.

Roger in a sweat in Kumi


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