What’s wrong with your window?

Said the man with gun at 5.00 am. He had first hammered on the door to check I was awake to answer.

I do get asked odd questions at times here (my favourite is still “are you from Interpol?” – see below).

Anyway, back in the mists
time both my window handles had been snapped off, probably because they had gone stiff and no WD40 was available. I had fitted some rope to keep the windows secure, to which our armed security man took exception at 5.00 am.

As it happened, I needed an early start as I was off to the airport to collect our new staff member. A 600 mile round trip and two overnight stays.

On one of those stays – in Jinja – we arrived at a hostel in a torrential thunderstorm. The roads were awash in running liquid red soil, our van was affected by strong waves racing across the road. The hostel was flooded and the staff were happily sweeping crimson water from Reception. No one complained.

In the bathroom of my
a sign saying “water is a valuable resource, please use if sparingly”

The trip is always a rich source of new signs. Today I saw:

“Divine miracles restaurant – Special miracles and phone charging”

I am tempted to say its a miracle to find any power to charge your phone, but that would be unfair.

Motorbikes have done well with signs:

“Man spender – man expendable” (this was written on a bike ridden by two men)

“No way through” – this also was on a motor bike. It was a former road works sign attached to the bike presumably to discourage overtaking.

It would have been good to upload pictures of these but that would also need a miracle to make it work at present.

I have opened a new category of blog entries – the maximum number of legs seen on a single motor bike. The current record is 36 – four members of a family with five goats on a frame on the back.

So now there are two white people in Kumi. I feel half as conspicuous as I did. Next Monday there will be five more as our team arrives. I will then be inconspicuous.

Life is good and all is well. Rain is warm and dries quickly. Power comes back and you forget the blackouts. People laugh and smile and you forget their poverty, but so do they.

Thanks for reading – Roger


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