Here I go again …

Yes, I am back in Uganda, this time for a two month stay.

Much remains the same but some things have changed.

Good points include the opening of the Kampala Expressway, a major new bypass, which is built to motorway standards and saves us an hour of traffic crawling.

Bad points include the fact that in the 24 hours I have been in Kumi, we have no mains power and the generator has broken down.

Lights are no problem – I have torches, but soon my laptop and phone will stop working – quite inconvenient when planning a programme.

So I will be brief to conserve energy, both mine and my phone.

Power excepted, all is jakona (i.e. fine) and my meetings with local partners are going according to plan. On money handling I am learning to think in lots of zeros again (with 4,500 Ugandan shillings to the £)

By popular request of my vast army of followers to this blog (well – two of you anyway) I am watching out for unusual signs on the backs of buses and on shops. On a bus we have:

“Respect fools to avoid noise” I am open to ideas on this although I suspect the first word should be “expect” judging by the Ugandan view that to get a good deal you need to argue a lot.

And you might be surprised to know that “St Thomas Inn” is a firm of accountants.

If power comes you will hear from me again. If not you can enjoy the peace.

Thanks for reading.

Roger in the dark in Kumi Uganda.


One thought on “Here I go again …

  1. Good to hear that you are safely arrived even if the power outage is bad. We are installed safely in new house and have even managed to go online this morning! Lorraine and Andy Brown are installed in ‘the manse’ too and beginning to get the work done I think to maintain and improve it – a weight off your shoulders!


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