Are you from Interpol?

This is a question I have not been asked before. Imagine the scene : Entebbe Airport; 8pm; three middle-aged people with white faces wearing blue T-shirts with “Mission Direct” clearly on front and back are approached by a Ugandan Police officer wearing a very smart military uniform with much gold braid.
“Are you from Interpol?” he asks. Inevitably, our reply is “pardon?” He repeats it and we say no we are from Mission Direct. He apologises and goes on his way. In the half second before I say “pardon” my thought to myself was “are we in trouble here?” Strange how the mind works.
Later we saw him walking away with a very tall white woman who came off the same plane as our team so he was successful in the end. She didn’t look like she was from Interpol either, but perhaps that’s the point.
Anyway, we collected our team and after a night at Banana Village and a crawl across Kampala we are now back at Jinja for the night. Tomorrow the work starts at Kumi, five hours north of here.
Today’s choice of signs from the fronts of buildings along the roadside is:
“Glory be to God Car Wash”
“Blessed metel workshop” (sic)
“Flower roast goat meat”
“Creationing the norm and normalizing the future” (No, I don’t have any idea either)
“Buyer beware – this land is not for sale”
“Highway Roasted Goats Meat” ( I should explain that sometimes people dry beans on the tarmac but I doubt if it is ever hot enough to roast any meat)
“Motor vehicle repiar” (This sign was on an ancient scrap lorry on the roadside verge – it fitted the spelling rather well)
Finally, here is a picture of some of our team at the point where Lake Victoria drains into the start of the river Nile. There is a small blue sign to confirm this with, inevitably, a gift shop close by. All on a tiny island in the middle of the river. The water from here takes three months to reach the Mediterranean. We were surrounded by kingfishers, pelicans and cormorants, many carrying fish in their beaks. Large monitor lizards eyed us up from the shore. A beautiful place.

Source of the Nile


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