The Community Representative

Wednesday night 13th April


Minutes of a meeting held at Atutur Child Development Centre commencing at 10.00 am. Those attending were four representatives of Atutur CDC (ACDC), five representatives of Mission Direct (MD) and a chicken. The meeting was unsure who the chicken represented but it was assumed to be a community owned bird thereby representing the community. The chairman expressed concern that she might be a Government spy carrying a microphone. Those present agreed to continue, notwithstanding the possible risk.

IMGP5785 (2)

The community representative arrived late having attempted to enter via the barred window. She was discouraged in doing so and later found a way in joining the meeting by walking around the building to the front door and along the hallway. Matters discussed were ACDC’s role in the community and how MD could help them. The community representative ruffled a number of feathers and clucked loudly. This was assumed to represent her agreement on behalf of the community.

The progress of child sponsorship was discussed. At this moment the community representative stepped on the chairman’s table and was forcibly removed. The point she was making was not fully understood. She then perched on a cooker in the corner of the room and an MD representative suggested that someone should open its door in readiness for supper tonight. This was thought to be in poor taste (and also likely to be later).

Later points discussed were volunteer involvement in village home construction and a training session on building drying racks for utensils. Possibly because some of the community might disapprove of drying racks, its representative became unruly at this point and the secretary picked her up by the legs and gently ejected her through the window. She remonstrated at length with the meeting to no avail. It was found that the bars were wide enough for her to pass through without harm which was unfortunate as she promptly turned round and attempted to re-enter by the same way.

The meeting resumed on the topic of care for a disabled 16 year old male with club feet. The community representative was not involved and left the meeting. Later a loud crash and much squawking was heard from the kitchen. On departing, those attending the meeting were pleased to see her contentedly pecking at some seeds near the front door. It was assumed that the community will be satisfied with the agreed joint working proposals

 And of all of this is completely true !!



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