Small but effective

Friday 18th September

I am back again – sorry it has been so long but we have been rather busy. The current team – our last, and they fly back to the UK tomorrow – has been our smallest team. Of the five people in the team, three are medical lecturers helping out at hospitals and health centres in the Kumi area. This left only two people to help on the building projects. Including me, this meant that a total of three people were working over four building sites in ten days. I wonder why I am a little tired.

However, some work has been completed. We finished the renovation of two primary school classrooms (ten miles apart) and plastered and painted the classroom at Akubui (our main project) (also ten miles from the other two). In between we helped local volunteers with the construction of the roof of a traditional mud hut. (They consist of branches woven together with sisal). Akubui’s window frames are now going in:IMGP5378

Two days ago, we took our little team of five up to the Murchison Falls National Park (my last visit this year) and, as well as all the usual giraffes, crocodiles, elephants etc. we saw some one year old lion cubs. One of them was sitting on an ant hill (I think the ants had gone elsewhere):IMGP5436

The picture shows the Nile in the background.

At the end of the day we had to deal with a severe case of miliaria profunda (a type of prickly heat including heat exhaustion) in one of the volunteers. He went bright red all over and passed out and I feared the worst. This involved me phoning London on our insurance company’s medical helpline. They were very helpful and after a long cold shower and a good night’s sleep, he was fine in the morning. It was somewhat worrying at the time when we were about as far from medical help as it is possible to get in Uganda! Thank goodness for mobile phones that seem to work everywhere in this country.

I know you are just waiting for the next instalment of the “odd signs on the back of vehicles” competition so tonight I can bring you “Dangerous Towing” ( on the back of a breakdown truck); “You are important” (on a minibus taxi) and the winner is “”Very, very long vehicle” (on the back of a short lorry).


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