Banana Village

14th August

We now have three nights back at Banana Village. This is a camp of lodges near to Entebbe airport so it is ideal as a base when we are collecting and delivering volunteers. It is a peaceful place – set in its own garden complete with exotic wild birds and vervet monkeys. IMGP4729 (2)

Today, Friday, we needed to buy supplies for Team 3 which is arriving tomorrow night. A quick nip into Kampala turned out to be two hours in semi stationary traffic. It would have been quicker to walk there. City authorities have not yet got to grips with ever increasing road use. Supermarkets were visited and goods duly bought. A rapid return to BV took over an hour – we would have been quicker to run back.

There is not much more to say about today. We caught up with some emails and paperwork in the afternoon and I added “attack by baboons” to the risk assessment. (See 6th August). It is still amusing to talk about the incident although it could have been serious – a fully grown male baboon is not to be argued with.

I had a few new entries today in the amusing signs competition. Best in the inappropriate mix of businesses category was the “Jet carwash & fried fish” shop. A small half collapsed wooden shed announced itself as “God’s Wish Beauty Salon” but today’s winner is “We buy old damaged car parts, spear parts and bad conditioned cars”

I can understand the re-use of old car parts but I am not sure about the trade in spear parts. I thought spears had fallen into disuse some 150 years or so ago. Certainly, I have not seen any in use, fortunately.

This blog may not be added to for a few days – with 18 new volunteers arriving, life will be busier.

Thanks for reading this and for your messages of support for all this drivel!


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