In hill country

Tuesday 11th August

We are in Rukingiri in the south west of Uganda. This visit is simply part of a few days off as we are not actually working here. Rukingiri is where Mission Direct has another project – it is another school but this time it is for children with physical and mental difficulties. We had a look at their work this afternoon – the building of a storeroom and houses for teachers.

The school, and the whole of Rukingiri, is in a very different part of the world to Kumi. Instead of Kumi’s flat savannah plains, studded with trees, Rukingiri is in hill country and each hill is fully clothed with eucalyptus, banana and palm trees. Small streams run between the hills and the roads are compelled to run next to them. It is cooler – (we are 5,500 feet above sea level) and the many trees add a moisture to the air which is absent in Kumi.


The bird life is noisy, especially at dawn, and I sat outside and just listened to them (as they had woken me up). The town is much bigger than Kumi and more bustling and active but does not even get a mention in the Bradt guide book. The only reason is that it does not go anywhere. Stuck out alone in the hills of the south west of the country it serves as a good market centre but you do not pass through it on the way to anywhere else. Kumi might be just a large village but it is on an important main road to the North West.

Not much more to say about today. It has been good, just wandering and looking. Tomorrow, still in tourist mode, we go to Queen Elizabeth National Park (so called because the good lady visited here some years ago).

The local farmers are kinder to their animals in this part of the country – they are tethered around the neck and not by the leg, as in Kumi. But it all ends up in the same way – a local shop is called “God’s provider cow meat butcher”


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