Return to Sipi Falls again

1st August 2015

There is a banner picture at the top of this blog showing a house in the bush that we visited in March this year. This home was built by Mission Direct in 2014 and is lived in by Nora and her several children. Or rather it was – because three days ago it burnt down:

Nora was out in the fields cultivating her crops. Her seven year old son tried to cook some potatoes on their charcoal burner – and this is the result. She had very little, but what she had she lost. The family now lives in their tiny store shed where she keeps the hoe and the spade.

Fortunately, no-one was injured.Nora's burnt house

If it had to happen at all – now was the best time because we have decided to rebuild it. This time it will have a corrugated iron roof which will be resistant to seven year olds with matches. It will also be a rectangular house with a window and a door.

Today, Saturday, was a full day off for all of us. We went up to Sipi Falls – climbed to the top one, took many pictures and then walked back down the hill. It was quite a slippery climb down (it was raining slightly) but we all made it safely with a few muddy bums.IMGP4575

Today’s entries in the funny signs competition are “Dancer Clief” (this is not a musical American martial arts actor but a warning about dangerous cliffs at Sipi) and “Habitation Barbers.” I see there is a hairdresser in Melbourne, Australia called “Habitation Hairdressing” (so the impoverished village Ugandan barber whose shop has no electricity or even a front door obviously stole the name from them) and so the prize has to go to Clief. Long may he dance on the edge at Sipi. It is a shame I missed him.IMGP4581


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