Play area

Saturday 25th July

A little bit of last minute shopping for the team and we are, at last, ready for them !

The first team member arrives in four hours – Entebbe airport at 11.00 pm. The rest (11 of them) come in on another flight at 9.15 tomorrow morning. Then tomorrow, Sunday, we (all 16 of us) are in the bus all day travelling back to Kumi.

We stopped at the side of Lake Victoria for a coffee today and saw this egret a few feet from us. It was totally unconcerned about us being there.


We had a bit of R&R near the airport this afternoon. I thought you might like to see their Children’s Play Area ! It has “British Airtours” on the side.  Kids are allowed to go inside it and there are no warning signs about parental supervision.  I guess kids here are just careful.


Anyway, that might be the last blog for a few days. From past experience, when we have a team in, I don’t have time to do it as it takes about an hour each night and we are on duty from 7.00 am until about 10.00 pm, by when we are a bit tired. We are all OK and excited about our new arrivals.

Be back in a few days…..see you then.


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