Banana Village

Friday 24th July

I woke this morning in a large cool room in a floating white cloud, in a large gracious home “White Crest Guesthouse” in Kampala. It is run by Fred & Lisa and their family, two Ugandans who run the business from their own home. They have beautiful decorative quarry tiled floors and large dark furniture which goes well in the spaces they have. The floating white cloud, if you have not guessed, was the mosquito net.

The contrast between this home and the one we visited on the way to Kampala yesterday is huge. Town compared with country; large floor tiles compared with earth floors, hot water showers (my first in Uganda) compared with water from a stand-pipe; buildings and noise all around compared with the peace of a garden with a view of Mount Elgon. Here is a picture.


Shopping too, In Kampala, is totally different. The large supermarkets we visited today could be in any capital city. The only difference is the security – you don’t get your bags searched and body scanned when you go into Morrison’s back home. Prices in the coffee shop were similar to those in Buxton but they did have cinnamon and ginger cappuccino which is delicious.

We have moved again – now we are back at Banana Village.


Here is a pic of my banda (cottage) with me writing up this blog. This a semi-detached self-contained cottage with bedroom and bathroom- we get fed in the restaurant on site. Banana Village is away from Kampala and near the airport at Entebbe. It has a lovely garden with numerous noisy birds and wild vervet monkeys playing in the trees.

I saw an advertisement today for accommodation called “HalfLondon Hotel.” I wondered which half it was modelled on. There was also a small faded signpost pointing up a narrow leafy lane saying “To Secret Guesthouse” I am not sure if they are keen on having visitors.

Today’s entries in the “philosophical signs on the back of lorries” competition were of poor quality. Only one entry appears in the book which is “Sign of Victory” – needless to say, no sign was indicated.

Tomorrow we aim to have an easier day, with less charging about.


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