The clutch and the parasite

Monday 20th July 2015

This morning we were charging about. Visiting project partners, schools and hospitals. I get very confused – just miles of dusty tracks, all looking the same, being bounced about. It’s quite tiring- both for us and the minibus, because, just before lunch the clutch hydraulics failed. Actually, about five yards from the front door of the café !

So we had a nice lunch, under a canopy in the sunshine, whilst Alex, our driver made a few calls. The vehicle then hobbled back to base and it was fixed during the afternoon. Exactly the same thing happened to me a while ago (cylinder seal leak, for those who are interested) and it involved a 200 mile relay recovery and three days in a garage. In Kumi it takes one man, a handful of spanners, and a couple of hours on his back on a hotel car park. There is a message there somewhere.


We visited the main building site at Akubui today and here it is – work has been started. The builders have been doing the heavy bits for us. The footings are concreted and the first bricks laid. Good progress.

Yesterday we visited Lake Bisina – a vast inland lake near here. We had hoped it could be a volunteer visit but have dismissed it because it is just that – a lake. No shore, no facilities (except a sleepy unfinished ferry terminal) and two policemen who, despite being very friendly, were suspicious of us.

The Bradt Guide Book to Uganda (an invaluable book) also says some rather scary things about Bilharzia. It is a disease caused by tiny parasites which live all over the country in lakes. They burrow through your skin and head for your liver, where they set up home and reproduce at the rate of 10,000 eggs a day. So, wearing our health & safety hats, we have decided to disappoint them and have taken the lake out of the programme.

Finally tonight, here is a nice picture of a giraffe in the savannah – just because I like it. Giraffes were Di’s favourite animal and we have seen lots. Tomorrow we head up to Sipi Falls – I may be a bit wobbly!



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