Warthog in the kitchen

Friday 17th July 2015

We are back from our excursion to the Murchison Falls National Park. We crammed a lot into two days: Nile river boat trip, game drive, walking, eating……..I think this is the best national park I have been to, in terms of wildlife; more elephants, giraffes, antelopes, buffalo, birds, lions, hippos etc. than I have seen either in Kenya or Zambia.   The landscape is classic savannah grassland with clumpy tress dotted about. It could have been invented for a computer game.

On our way there we travelled whilst the local kids were going to school. Each school has a different coloured uniform. The children walk —for miles sometimes—so we experienced a school uniform watershed effect. One minute there were kids in bright purple uniforms walking towards us, the next minute kids in spotless yellow uniforms were walking away from us…then a gap. Then kids in green uniforms coming towards us…then kids in brown uniforms walking away from us.

The best signs en route were: “God’s Mercy Hotel” (judging by the look of it, if you survive a night there you would indeed have found that God was merciful), “Keep Lord Clean” (this sign was isolated on a roadside and I have no idea what it means); A locksmith called “Jesus, the Master Key” and my favourite – a sign writer called “Discovery Signs – discovered by an International Artist” You cannot help but wonder where he or she found them.

On our return we were overtaken by a large local bus on a hill, round a sharp bend with zero visibility – across the back of the bus was a large sign “GaaGaa” – Enough said.

Whilst having dinner last night, there was a scuffling behind us and a large warthog cantered across the room closely followed by a laughing cook who was chasing it out of her kitchen.

I will come back to our other events at Murchison later – it was a fun time – but all in the name of work of course !

More tomorrow.


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