Life is simpler in Uganda

Monday 13th July

Our first day of work: into the minibus, collect the builder and the bishop, out into the country, along a track which is prone to becoming a goat path….and then we are stuck…… Into four wheel drive and then away (mental note – when we bring a 28 seater bus, try and find another route)

Akubui School greets us with 185 children, six chickens, four teachers and a turkey, most of which are in the playground. It is a beautiful spot – out in the country with trees and birds about, butterflies flitting bright streaks of colour past our faces and the sun boring down out of a powder blue sky. Welcomes and discussions and a walk to the site follow.

No theodolites, no levels, no neat white marker posts, no tape measures, just “we will have the building about here – five paces from the hedge and in line with the toilets.” Life is much simpler in Uganda.

Back for lunch at a local café and then we sit down and work out the terms of the contract. All very leisurely and easy going.

And so ends day number one of work. It is still very hot with very little breeze. A Good Day.


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