Welcome to Kumi

After a car (thanks Paul), two planes, three airports, 5000 miles, two minibuses and three overnight stops we have finally arrived in Kumi. I had wondered what it would be like to be back. Last time I was here, two of us arrived but only I returned home. I left here in a numb state.

I am glad to say all is well! We had a great welcome from the staff today and old friends came to visit and welcome us, too. I feel that it was 100% right for me to return. I am no longer numb here, comfortably, or otherwise.

Travelling many miles across Uganda we get to pass several hundred small shops. To pass the time, I am making a collection of unlikely names and advertisements seen on the way. The best shop name, so far, is “King of Love Vampire Clan” [I could not see what they were selling] and the best advertisement goes to “Computers repaired – we make our customers’ lives shorter” [I think they mean their computers will run quicker]

Everywhere we go, we are met with friendliness and welcomes. People seem genuinely pleased to see us. I suspect that when that welcome comes from total strangers it has something to do with our skin colouring. A theme I may return to later.

It was about 30 degrees in Kumi in mid-afternoon when we arrived. Local people say it is hotter than usual this time of year and there is much concern that the main rains have not arrived yet. It was cooler in Kampala, which, oddly is nearer the equator.

Tomorrow we start a series of meetings – with head teachers, builders, civil servants etc. Whatever the outcome I know they will be very welcoming.


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