Into the interior

Saturday 11th July

On the move again today. Left Namirembe and visited Red Chilli camp for some paperwork (paying accommodation bills for teams and talking to Joseph, one of our builders).

Red Chilli is a suburban holiday camp. Set on the outskirts of the city but with views of distant marshland. It is a backpacker’s dream – cheap rooms and a swimming pool, room to play volleyball and a poolside bar. So, three middle-aged men and one young woman sat down on the terrace and talked about building construction, somewhat incongruously, whist watching people leaping into the pool.

Later, we took the main highway northwards and after crawling through dense traffic arrived at Jinja, the source of the Nile (or so they say), actually it is where Lake Victoria (2nd largest lake in the world) empties into a natural channel which becomes the Nile. There was much argument between explorers Burton and Speke in Victorian times but the truth is that there are several sources of the Nile and this is not the farthest from the Mediterranean either. But the locals hold on their theory because it boosts their healthy tourist industry, which we later experienced on a pleasant boat ride and eating at Flavours restaurant, Two Friends restaurant and staying overnight at Arise Africa Guesthouse.

You tell, by now, that this is a really arduous trip and we are suffering untold misery worse even that of Burton and Speke (who never had to experience the horrors of sitting in four lanes of stationery commercial diesel traffic)

Tomorrow, Sunday, we arrive at Kumi after more gruelling overland travelling without even any porters.


One thought on “Into the interior

  1. Glad you have arrived so far safe and well Uncle Roger-sending love and prayers for the rest of your journey. Catharine, Darryl & JJ x


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