7th July – two days to go

So; I have lists. Lists of things to pack, lists of things to buy, lists of things to take, lists of things to do. They all live in my notebook jostling among themselves for my attention. Some lists say “look at the other list” and some have the dreaded “C” against them meaning “check”. Once checked they can be migrated to another list, or stay where they are, and if they are very lucky they get crossed off.

This is always the worst time. I feel like I am on top of a railway carriage whilst the train is hurtling towards a tunnel and if I don’t get everything done (and get back into the carriage) before the train reaches the tunnel I will get knocked off. And yet I know that it will all be OK and when the plane lifts off from Manchester on Thursday all my lists will slide down the back of my neck into oblivion – bliss !

Thank you to everyone who has given me “pencil money” in the last few days. I think I have enough to buy the entire stock of school stationery in the Kumi shop.

Hey ho – lets look at the next list (I can now cross off “update blog on Tuesday”)


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