29th June – 10 days to go

My Uganda journey started in February. Di & I set out on a reconnaissance trip….and only I returned. In my numb state I later tried to sort out, in my mind, which of the photos were of which school. When you have seen three dozen photos of happy children in dilapidated (or non-existent) classrooms, you forget which children belong to which school and even which school is which.

But one site stands out in the pictures. It is in a delightful rural location out in the bush about 40 minutes from Kumi, where we are staying. It was Di’s favourite location, as well. It is Akibui School and it is the main target of our work with Mission Direct this summer.  We have now raised enough money to build the first classroom in a block of three. This will be big enough to enable many primary school children to start their education. At the moment their classroom is under the school mango tree in the playground. Although it keeps the sun off, the tree does not keep them dry in the rainy season and it drops heavy fruit on them when it is ripe. They will be delighted to have a real classroom.

The school belongs to the Pentecostal Assemblies of God of Uganda which has a large number of churches across Uganda and it is their village church community’s response to the complete absence of a school for their children.

As a team of three leaders, we will be looking after, and working with, about 30 volunteers over the summer. Other projects include a classroom renovation at a secondary school and a re-painting job in another school. We will also take them to visit community projects, churches, a national park and the River Nile.

The leaders are Richard from Bristol, myself and our very own Amy Jackson. I am sure Di would have been very proud of her (and so am I!) at stepping out, in faith, in her place.

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Many thanks to everyone for your support. Amy & I will be back at the end of September. Meanwhile, I will keep this blog updated when I can. Please leave comments, if you wish !

Roger Horne